Delivery methods

Average deadlines are announced for the items available at the time of ordering. For items not available or in production on request, the delivery time is announced in the product sheet concerned.

Our delivery methods and prices for items sold and shipped by La Redoute :

For small items :

In fashion and household linen

DeliveryAverage timeTariff
In withdrawal point ( 2 )In 8 to 12 working daysFree from 39 € of purchases
otherwise 4.95 €
HomeIn 2 to 3 working days5.95 €
In 24 to 48 hours worked9.95 €

In decoration and small household appliances

DeliveryAverage timeTariff
In withdrawal point ( 2 )In 2 to 3 working daysFree from 39 € of purchases
otherwise 5.95 €
HomeIn 3 to 7 working days6.95 €
In 24 to 48 hours worked9.95 €

Find the nearest withdrawal point from your home directly on the delivery page when ordering.

For large items :

DeliveryAverage timeTariff
in the room of your choice ( 1 )
In 8 to 12 working daysFrom 22 € to 139 €
according to the article
In point
Relay Colis® Max or Drive ( 2 )
In 4 to 7 working daysFrom 9.90 € to 59.90 €
according to the article

It is important to check the accessibility conditions of your accommodation and to specify them when making an appointment ( floor, cramped corridor, elevator … ).

( 1 ) The impossibility of transporting the products delivered to your floor or inside your home, in the absence of information on the need to use specific means of delivery, cannot engage the responsibility of La Redoute. If necessary, you will then have the possibility of asking the carrier to take back the product in application of your right of withdrawal.
( 2 ) Valid only for deliveries to Metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco. Loading is to be done by you, remember to provide a suitable vehicle.
    With Relais Colis ® Max, the withdrawal is done without an appointment, the loading is to be carried out by you.
    With Relais Colis ® Drive, the package is made available at the foot of your vehicle. Withdrawal is done with or without an appointment depending on the selected withdrawal point.

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