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Frequent questions

Returns are FREE ( yes 100% free! ) during 30 days for all items sold and shipped by The road. Enough to shop in Zen mode.😉

For all information on the return of a Marketplace product, see the article "How to return a Marketplace article ?". 


Two types of possible returns : 

  • Freely at the collection point via our site laredoute.fr
  • At your expense by La Poste


The little ➕

To receive your reimbursement quickly, nothing could be simpler ! 

Declare your return of article on our site and follow our explanations ! We explain everything to you. 

Top no ? 😉


For small fashion items, household linen, household appliances and decoration : 

You can return them free of charge in collection point. Your reimbursement will be made under 14 days, on the initial method of payment.


2 steps to follow : 


1 - Declare your return
Warning : This step is compulsory, otherwise we will not be able to take charge of your return. Admit it would be a shame.

First of all, check in « My account », section « My contact details » that your email address is correct.


Then, in « Follow my » commands :

  • Sélectionnez la commande à retourner
  • Cliquez sur le bouton « Retourner un article »
  • Sélectionnez le ou les article(s) à retourner et indiquez le motif si vous le souhaitez. (Grâce à vos remarques, nous pouvons améliorer nos produits. Alors dites-nous tout ! 😊)


2 - Choisissez le Retour Smart ou le Retour Standard 


Le Retour Smart 

Pas d’étiquette à imprimer : aussi rapide qu’écologique ! Smart on vous dit 😉

  1. Sélectionnez l’option SMART 
  2. Vous recevez un QR code par email
  3. Préparez votre colis dans l’emballage d’origine et déposez-le dans le point de retrait de votre choix. Présentez votre QR code au commerçant. 

C’est aussi simple que ça !


Le Retour Standard 

En imprimant votre étiquette retour.

  1. Sélectionnez l’option standard
  2. Vous recevez votre étiquette par email
  3. Prepare your package in the original package, stick the label and drop it at the collection point of your choice. 


Return times :

You have 14 days to drop your package at the collection point, regardless of the return option chosen. 

After this time, your slip / QR code will no longer be usable. 

In this case, if the deadlines allow, you can make a new request to return to our site, or contact our Customer Service.

An oversight can happen 😉


You can also return at your expense by La Poste : 
Return your package to the following address :
La Redoute Quai 30 - 30 rue de Chardonnet - 59150 Wattrelos
Remember to insert your invoice at inside the package. Without it, we will not be able to reimburse. 
Given the postal deadline and the processing, your reimbursement will be triggered under 3 weeks about. 

Count on us to do it as soon as possible.


💡 To know :

Do you finally want to keep the article ? 

No problem, we are delighted ! Until your item has been returned, no return is taken into account by our services. 😉

From the DOM-TOM : return costs are at your expense and the average repayment term is 4 to 6 weeks after receipt and processing of the package by our services.

It happens to everyone to change their mind. You cannot change your order, but rest assured: you have 30 days to return the items to us after receipt. Ultra-easy. 


Do you want to cancel an article ? 

If your article is in « standby state », everything is still possible ! 😊 

Cancel it via the « link Cancel this article » or replace it with another article, if the « See a similar article » is offered to you. And hop !



If your article is already in progressthe good news is that you can return it to us or refuse it when it is made available at your point of withdrawal or when it is delivered to your home. And you will of course be reimbursed as soon as possible, upon return to our services ( within 2 to 3 weeks approximately ).

Do you need details ? Contact one of our super Customer Advisers

Is your question about a Marketplace article ? Click here !

We are like you: when we order, we like to know where it is.


To follow your current orders and consult the history of your purchases, click here, identify yourself ( if you haven't already done ) and let yourself be guided.

Your package appears in « state made available to you » ? It is ready and awaits you warm in your withdrawal point.

If you have a more specific question, contact one of our super Customer Advisers.

You have made your choice, validated your basket, checked your ( contact details already, congratulations ): now there are several delivery possibilities!  


First, home delivery that some of our sellers favor only. 🏠 

With this system your bulky products are placed in the doorstep ( of your building or your house ) ! Make sure you can receive the goods under the best conditions ( do not leave your package on the street! ). 


Each seller is free to choose his carrier: delivery times and costs therefore vary from one seller to another. 
To check the delivery methods, go to the product sheet of the selected article. 


Second, delivery at the point of withdrawal  


Delivery at the point of withdrawal may be offered by certain sellers. If this is the case, when choosing the delivery, you can select the withdrawal point that interests you.  

The small + : Some of our loyal Marketplace sellers only deliver you to your home 😉 


Keep a close eye on your order, follow it from anywhere : over here


Friend's advice : remember to check the goods as soon as they are received, in front of the transporter if possible. Refuse it if you notice that the package is damaged! 


💡 The shipping time corresponds to the number of working days necessary for the seller to send your package. 

💡The delivery time is the time that elapses between the day you place your order and the day of delivery of your package. 

Good to know : 
If your order includes one or more Marketplace items and / or items sold and shipped by La Redoute, the delivery costs add up! 🚚  

The reason? Each seller makes their own delivery, and not all sellers have the same rates. 

If you are subscribed to La Redoute +, the costs relating to the items sold and shipped by La Redoute are deducted ! Top no ? 

To find your invoice it is either in your package or in your mailbox and you are advised to keep it ( you are never too careful ). 

Depending on the goods, you can be contacted by e-mail or by telephone by the carrier in order to choose the delivery date that best suits you.  

Some sellers specify the contact details of the carrier in their confirmation email so do not hesitate to contact him if necessary to validate the delivery ! 

Our advice : 

Check your control tracking, by clicking on the relevant command on our site. 

Look at its delivery status 

Check that the place of delivery is the correct 


Have you still received nothing ? 


If you see an anomaly and if the delivery date is exceeded, contact a Client Advisorwho will solve this mystery with you. The investigation is open ⁇ ♀ ⁇   

Good news: with La Redoute +, delivery is offered ( excluding express delivery ) for only 15 € per year ! Even on XXL furniture, practical and very economical.

And La Redoute + it’s a max of other benefits, exclusions and discounts all year round… Between us, you should a-do-rer. Appointment 👉 here to find out everything 😉


Our delivery methods for items sold and shipped by La Redoute.


For fashion and household linen


These are average deadlines for items available at the time of ordering.

For items not available or in production on request, the delivery time is announced in the product sheet concerned. 


 Delivery mode  Average time  Tariff
 Delivery at the point of withdrawal 1 to 3 working days Free from 39 € of purchases ( otherwise 4.95 € ) 
 Home delivery  2 to 3 working days  5.95 € 
 Express home delivery  24h to 48h worked  9.95 € 


For marketplace items, simply refer to the seller's file for the delivery points.


For the small decor and the small household appliances


These are average deadlines for items available at the time of ordering.

For items not available or in production on request, the delivery time is announced in the product sheet concerned. 


 Delivery mode  Average time Tariff
 Delivery at the point of withdrawal  2 to 3 working days Free from 39 € of purchases ( otherwise 5.95 € ) 
 Home delivery  3 to 7 working days  6.95 € 
 Express home delivery  24h / 48h worked  9.95 € 


For marketplace items, simply refer to the seller's file for the delivery points.


For furniture and bulky items


These are average deadlines for items available at the time of ordering.

For items not available or in production on request, the delivery time is announced in the product sheet concerned. 


 Delivery mode *Weight Average time Tariff
In point Relay Colis ® Max Less than 40 kg  4 à 5 jours ouvrés  De 9,90€ à 29,90€ 
en fonction de 'article
En point Relais Colis® Drive Inférieur à 130 kg 4 à 7 jours ouvrés De 9,90€ à 59,90€ 
en fonction de 'article
À domicile, dans la pièce de votre choix Tous les articles 8 à 12 jours ouvrés De 22€ à 139€
en fonction de 'article


La (très) bonne nouvelle, en livraison à domicile, c’est que nos transporteurs vous livrent dans la pièce de votre choix, même à l’étage. À vous de vérifier les conditions d’accessibilité de votre logement et de les préciser lors de la prise de rendez-vous : étage, couloir exiguë, ascenseur, chat dans le passage… 😉

Pour les articles marketplace, référez-vous tout simplement à la fiche du vendeur pour connaître les points de livraison.


*Delivery in point Relais Colis ® Max and Relais Colis ® Drive is valid only for deliveries to France Metropolitan, Corsica and Monaco. Remember to provide a suitable vehicle.With Relais Colis ® Max, the withdrawal is done without an appointment, the loading is to be carried out by you.

With Relais Colis ® Drive, the package is made available at the foot of your vehicle. Withdrawal is done with or without an appointment depending on the selected withdrawal point. 

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